Monday, May 30, 2016

In My Kitchen: Gripe Water

 Homemade Gripe Water

My little boy is 5 months old now. He is sweet, and smiley, and much less fussy than he was when he was born. But in the beginning, we had quite a hard time. Mr O wasn't a happy camper when he was first born; and we tried a lot of things to get him to settle. Since tea is easy to come by in my house thanks to my sister who used to live here and my own herb collecting I had all of the most common ingredients in gripe water readily available. 

I used one of my re-usable tea bags and put some fennel in it. Brew all the teas together and they make a great gripe water from home! 

You can make this too! I used some pre-bagged teas, but you can use fresh or dried herbs as well: 

1bag Chammomile tea
1bag Lemon Ginger tea
1bag fennel seed (approx 2tsp)

I let the bags steep in a full pot of water for approximately 30 minutes, and then strained it all and put it in a glass jar. 

Prepared in this way, this gripe water is good for 2 weeks at room temperature. 

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