Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Baby-Guru is born!

So I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking about how my dream business is hitting a little bit of a stalling point. I have so many good ideas and great aspirations, but recently no motivation. I guess it has a little to do with the past two clients who have cancelled services, and a lack of interest in my current location for education on parenting topics, AP lifestyle choices, or doula care.

As I lay there last night thinking, I went over in my head the many different things that I have been doing recently, and how they all relate to the greater mission that is my business model. For one, I am in training as a birth and postpartum doula. I have over 10 years experience in child care, and I love to make crafty things for kids. Currently I'm working on hair bows and custom ribbon belts. My overall business model was to incorporate all these into one full-scale operation that was a sort of 'one stop shop' for anything a pregnant or new mom, or even a veteran mom looking for options in raising her children or adding to her family could need.

And so the idea was born. Someone once said 'Ya know, you're kind of like a baby-guru'.. and that has always stuck with me. Just like my good friend calling me 'super mommy' that is one thing I will always remember. So I looked up the name, and sure enough there is only one other 'Baby Guru' out there, and she doesn't do a lot of what I am looking to do. Plus, she's in Los Angeles so I don't really see any competition issues unless I decide to re-locate (NO, I am NOT moving to LA.. ever!!)

It's going to be a lot of work, but I have tons of motivation and plenty of ideas.

1.) I'm keeping Kiss My Kid, but in the form of KMKDezines, which will be for my creative outlet
2.) I will be offering volunteer Doula services in my local area
3.) My blog should start having articles on baby care, natural and alternative parenting tecniques, product recommendations, etc
4.) I want to start a 'Mommy and Me' class in my local area. There isn't a decently priced one nearby..
5.) Parent education classes- these include infant safety, cloth diapering, breastfeeding support,
6.) In-home parent consultation- how to deal with issues like sibling rivalry, discipline problems, childproofing, etc

So to make a very long conversation with me in which I went crazy figuring out how to change over my website, facebook, and everything else.. things are changing over here and The Baby-Guru is working its way from the bottom to (hopefully) the top! Please join me in celebrating finally figuring out my path in life, and working to make it everything I have dreamed of and more!!

Please, follow the blog.. 'like' my facebook page (I don't have 25 likes yet so I don't have a URL, just look up The Baby-Guru) and keep a lookout for my new website. I should have it set up soon!! Let me know what you want to read from me, what topics you are interested in, and I'll try to get some good articles up soon! Love all my fans! Thank you!!